detachment from purpose…mmmm?

“It seems to me that our attachment to purpose is born from the need to prove something to ourselves.  But life is simply life, and it is not trying to prove anything at all.  This springtime will not try to be better than last springtime, and neither will an ash tree try to become an oak.

By letting go our fascination with the extraordinary and spectacular, we can allow ourselves to recognize the simple wonder that lies within the ordinary.

For life has its own purpose and doesn’t need a reason to be.  That is its beauty.”

Tony Parsons

I love this.  Sometimes you hear something a thousand times, and then one day you finally understand it.  

Lately I  have been detaching myself from the outcome of my efforts.  It’s a tricky thing and hard to explain.  For me it’s about being present, giving my best effort at “presence”…the rest is undeterminable really, and influenced by so much more than myself.   

I have sought purpose as a way of proving something to myself and to others for that matter.  And as a way of showing I matter, what I do matters, that I make a difference, and on and on.  But if I am honest, it is ego driven and out of a some desperate hope that I will feel fulfilled.  The truth is, I am the most fulfilled when I am living and enjoying the moment.  The simpler the moment the better.  Sharing a meal with my son, a cup of coffee with a friend, listening to my daughter’s college stories, a walk in the neighborhood, watching my Luka run with other dogs at the dog park…these are the moments that bring me the most joy, truly.  There is no “purpose” behind them.  I am simply living.  Seems I need to follow nature’s lead.

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