Everything is a choice

Everything is a choice. I don’t know why, but I have great difficulty remembering that.  Seems I believe that my choices are limited, that I have a very strict outline of how I am to live my life.

By limiting myself, by having these constrictive beliefs, I make my life very small and sometimes very painful and sad.  
Yesterday I chose differently.  My friends ask me to spend the day with them on Sauvie Island.  I said no immediately, I had a list of to do’s and I was behind.  My son heard me, and said, “you need to go.”  Perhaps, it is permission I am always waiting for.  Only I need to give it to myself, and not wait for someone else to say, “it’s okay, you can enjoy life too.”  Yesterday, I needed my son to say, “yes” for me.  I give myself permission to say “yes” or “no” from now on.  It is my choice…I need to dream big, and live happier. 

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