February already

It’s been too long since I last posted. My body has thrown me some curves lately and I’ve had to make adjustments and am still making adjustments.

So what can one do when things just don’t go as planned? Knit


I’ve been working on this tender, threadlike scarf for days. The color makes me happy and it’s soft as soft can be. It reminds me to gentle but steadfast.

I’ve been painting too, hearts mostly..Valentine’s is just around the corner..



As well as owls



These aren’t quite finished..but I heading to the studio soon to do just that.

And I’ve been working and now looking for different work opportunities as my body can’t take anything too physical. Alas..

I must admit, my physical condition has taken a toll on my mental self. A few days ago though, I decided to turn it around. There are many people who live with chronic pain, my compassion for them has grown as well as a determination to at least take the very best care of myself as I can.

So I surround myself with the things I love, eat well, and do what needs to be done.

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