Finding a place to call home

Yesterday, day one of waking up in New Hampshire, found us already looking at potential homes. Chris’s job starts in a month and I would like to find a home before then. I contacted a realtor before we left Portland so that we could begin our search here immediately. Yesterday we looked at 5 different homes in Lancaster. While they were lovely, Chris and I decided Lancaster was too far away from Gorham where his job is. On a map it seemed so close, 30 minutes, not too bad. But on a two lane road, windy and narrow in spots, it just seemed longer. After two trips to Gorham from the Lancaster area we decided that the daily commute between the two towns would just be too much. Especially in winter.

Winter. Seems winter is always the first thing brought up when we mention that we have just moved to NH. We heard it from our Portland friends before we moved here and now that we are here, we are continuing to hear it. I know the winters are long. I do. Last year New England was hit repeatedly with winter storm after winter storm, It’s going to be’s going to be long. I know. And it’s okay. I love to wear sweaters and scarves and socks and layers of things…it might be even be kind of awesome!

Tomorrow we look at homes in Gorham and Berlin. I may be overly hopeful, but I think I’ll see my home tomorrow (crosses fingers). My must haves include: a studio space, two bathrooms( actually, two toilets), 3 bedrooms at least, a yard for Luka and a garden, bundled in a charming older but updated home. Big list, but I think we can find it.

A storm is coming in, lightening is expected. I’m going to go enjoy it.


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