Freshly Pressed….I Know, I Know

On Friday my beloved learned that one of his blog posts was highlighted by WordPress and Freshly Pressed. Perhaps you’ve seen it. It’s the piece on the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.  I didn’t go to the museum myself. As you’ll read in his post, I leaped out of the moving car to instead antique shop.  As I side note, this is not true, while I did jump out of the car; it was for a dress, not antiques.  Bygones.

You can access his piece here or of course here Freshly Pressed.  Please read it; he loves watching his views go up on site stats.

I would like to send my heart felt thanks to Joy Victory who I have come to understand is the one responsible for the fanfare in my home these past few days. Joy is the WordPress Editorial Czar, as she puts it, responsible for selecting the blog posts featured in Freshly Pressed. Thank you Joy for bringing, dare I say, joy into our home.  Chris hasn’t been this excited or obsessed since he discovered he could track the whereabouts of his teenage son with his iPhone.

Every morning for the last three days I have asked, “Just how long does one’s post stay up on Freshly Pressed?” Really, Joy, just how long?

How many views Chris? Wow! Two more than a minute ago? That's something!

This is Chris. See how happy he is? You’ve made his day…days, Joy.  Thank you. Truly.  🙂 And thank you all who’ve commented and said he took such nice pictures.  He does take nice pictures. And thank you lovely reader who responded to his piece with a poem. Life has been especially sweet these last few days.

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