Hair is an accessory…like shoes really.  At least that how I think of my hair.  I’ve had ever hair style and color possible…from Demi Moore’s short-do to the crazy long perm of the 80’s.  I rocked a shag 70’s, and I must be clear…it was a bona fide shag and not a mullet…although I have had a mullet..a result of a very bad haircut( the only time I ever cried over my hair).  I do not believe in crying over one’s hair.  It’s hair for God’s sake.

I’ve decided to grow my hair out for the summer. Really. I made it vow not to cut it. But I need something to amuse me during the grow out, so today I’m headed into see Sasha at Blu.  We’re coloring.  No idea what or how. I’m torn between “edgy art student” and “sophisticated woman of the world.” Maybe something in between.  I’ll post a picture later.


I went with teal…and love it

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