I am not
waiting or
for anything
there is
“out there”
to be found
it is all
“in here”
and I can
with that..

I have spent the better part of today of alone. I love being with myself.  It’s funny how so few people believe me.  Many say they understand, but I am not so sure.  This past week a friend of mine was upset that we hadn’t seen each other in some time.  While I explained that I have been very busy as school requires a lot of my attention, and that I have been finding that I require more and more time to myself, he took it personally.  He said that he believed friends made time for each other.  I feel that friends respect the needs of each other.  My soul is in a winter season right now… I cannot help but to go in and under ….to rest and restore. There are others out there like me..we will find each other in the spring.

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