I am an introvert…and that’s okay


After 40 something odd years, I’ve come to the realization (and appreciation) that I’m an introvert to the core. I guess I never really figured that out until now because I’ve been surrounded by extroverts. My sister (identical twin) is an extrovert. As kids, and even through high school, it was she that made the friends. I made friends by association..with her. Our junior year of college we separated..she went the UHawaii at Hilo..I went to UConn in Storrs, an ocean and a continent away. I made friends, but truly I was much more comfortable alone.

My husband is an extrovert, my kids are extroverts, my brothers too. The sole introvert..I think that’s actually redundant.

Through the years my need for solitude has offended people, made people feel sorry for me, annoyed others, and even been the envy of still others. I like my own company. And that is not say I don’t enjoy spending time with others. I do. I think the difference is is that I draw energy from my time alone where an extrovert draws energy from being around others. People have asked me what I do with all my time alone and often say, “I have a rich inner life, I can keep myself entertained for hours!” I say this kind of jokingly, but it’s really quite true.

I saw the cartoon above the other day, it made me laugh out loud, mainly because it’s so true for me. I kind of felt understood.

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