………i am

In a dream last night, I witnessed duality/non duality…I woke to a morning realized  “The real world” was…is.. like a clear template under the world we all believe as real.  The world we see is full of shape and texture, sound and drama, it is all the color in a kaleidoscope.  But the “real world,”( i wish there were a better name…) is what holds this all.  Not a frame, more like a map…it is intention..universal intention..it is love manifesting.

It is not black and white, and stripped of emotion….it is the purest of all color and feeling…it is the most of everything…it is tangible..

it is who we are always…..the me less the filter of bias and pain, memory, and time, expectation, disappointment, and grief, less achievement, attachment, greed, money, appearance, fear and even purpose and happiness.

we wear the colors of our experience on earth
…as if every moment is recorded on our bodies..and in a sense they are..or can be..and we even believe them to be etched upon our souls…but the map of ourselves is untouched by anything…at once a diamond and a mist…once pure, always pure….always love..only love.

to be realized in this world is to remember this…respond with love….to everything..nothing else matters..

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