I saw the strangest thing today

I’m still wondering if it wasn’t some elaborate joke…

So I enter the women’s restroom on the second floor of Neuberger Hall today.  It’s a three staller…the middle stall was taken. A woman’s voice, speaking an unrecognizable Asian language, yelling really, fills the room.  I always think it’s odd and gross when someone talks on the phone and uses the restroom at the same time…really? You couldn’t wait?

This is not the oddest of odd yet…there is a computer, resting in the floor in front of the toilet.  I can see it clearly from my own stall.  It’s open and on the screen is page filled with the characters of that same unknown Asian language.  What’s odd is, there are no feet in the stall.  Nothing is dangling from the seat.  Nothing at all. In fact, the wall separating the stall is a good 15 inches off the ground…and I can see no feet.  It is as if this woman is either legless or squatting on the toilet.  I can’t tell, but guess it is the latter, as there is no wheelchair, or crutches…It’s odd, the whole thing is off.  I wanted to peer through the crack of the stall and see just what was happening,  but I couldn’t…I didn’t..It seemed that stall was occupied by a computer and a voice…nothing else.

I guess I’ll never know.

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