In the midst of the distracted

I have lived in the land of the distracted
today I packed my bags, left them on the curb
and walked away

God has waited patiently for me

Seated at my table 
with nothing but a soft breathe
God has waited patiently for me
No hurry
no judgment
no agenda
or timetable
as if there were no other place to Be
no other pressing concerns
God has waited patiently for me
And I have rushed
and hemmed and hawed
and filled my life 
with nothing but distractions
with one finger perpetually raised
as if to say
“in just a minute.”
I awoke this morning
and shed it all
to come to the table
with no plan deeper
than now
no hope for anything more
than the next chair
and too
took a deep and soft breathe

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