Into the Wild Indeed, when life is really good


I had a really great weekend.

Sometimes when things are really wonderful it is hard to write about them. I am afraid of leaving some part of the goodness out.   In leaving out the details I fear I’ll feel ungracious and ungrateful. Right now, I am feeling very full and very blessed.

My art show opened this past Friday. Coincidentally it was also my birthday. I am sharing the March showing at The Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, New Hampshire with Lucy Golden, a jeweler. Lucy makes beautiful pieces inspired by the natural world..mostly insects, but flowers too and other things. Her pieces are bright and whimsical, a lot like my paintings. Our work was very complimentary.

Below are images from the show, in no particular order. It was a such a wonderful night. Many of my new friends came. People were so kind and very generous with praise. I felt very very lucky.

13115_797093820339720_3182496319034162111_n 603848_797109517004817_3531582410590251145_n 997029_797113200337782_3292232015345423365_n 1655845_797093747006394_7629801253745488757_n 1924935_797096010339501_6591727351800915371_n 10154009_797109207004848_4067568902483782678_n 10432556_797113070337795_7098609156984983142_n 10475266_797114087004360_5876028722646375734_n 10502207_797113537004415_7906549701758493108_n 10689508_797093700339732_2660234584437799025_n 11012376_797095283672907_6263301356961522515_n 11024688_797108847004884_7418203212066403631_n 11033173_797094023673033_2489588420355034893_n 11034239_797093730339729_5308366880789046765_n 11036707_797109087004860_1733337643844188492_n 11038726_797109740338128_4247238694490090659_n 11041593_797095217006247_3764069634997655733_n 11041757_797093250339777_289569399464941250_n 11052518_797095313672904_5185052396119948904_n 11059870_797095267006242_4891960800400985581_n 11060249_797095853672850_1018587820228616965_n

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