last day

this is not how I would like to end one year and begin another…

I got an argument with my sister today. I am not sure what upset me so much.  Perhaps a large part of it has to do with the obsession over looks our world has.  And after a summer which my daughter spent in a residential treatment for an eating disorder, I may be overly sensitive. I recognize that. I do not know any women who are not concerned with their appearance, their bodies, myself included. I guess I am just sick of it from all sides.  I am tired of a society that values what is on the outside more than what is on the inside. And I am fed up with the role women play in this.  We flaunt ourselves and then turn around and shame ourselves.

This year, I resolve to not play the victim to this hypocrisy.  We, as women, perpetuate this culture more than men do.  We have taken over as the abuser…we tell ourselves we are ugly, or fat, or not good enough. We dismiss compliments and compete against other women. We spend too much money on clothes, makeup, hair, supporting the industry that fills our minds and feeds our fragile egos.

This year, I will look at myself and thank God for the healthy body given me.  I will talk about myself in a positive way. I will accept compliments graciously. I will recognize my own innate beauty as well as that of other women.  I will help create the world I want to see and live in.

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