life and honesty

I am back after spending a week in the summer heat of Arizona.  It was family week, a week of family therapy as a part of my daughter’s treatment for an eating disorder.  I can only say it was an intense time, full of emotion, uncomfortable feelings, relief, pain, and even humor.  I believe we came out of the week closer and better able to communicate with each other. The key to this was honesty.  Honesty without placing a value or an expectation on it…not good or bad or “in order to” but really just in an effort to understand in new ways.  

Today I had a conversation with a friend of mine.  Moments of it were strained and awkward and finally I said, “the most difficult thing about difficult conversations is starting them.” I have often found myself avoiding the difficult because I had an attachment to the outcome.  But I have learned time and again, attachment to an outcome doesn’t necessarily yield what is desired. In the end,  Truth is always the easiest path to take.  It might be uncomfortable, but it leaves you with no baggage.  It’s clean….the truth is clean.  And when all is said and done, I want live clearly and cleanly.

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