At the beginning of anything is an energy of possibility that can be had at no other time.  I have been exploring that energy lately. Rather, I have been living it.  Not too long ago, I had an opportunity for a beginning, but I felt rushed where I would have rather savored.  It is my choice in the end, how I approach and experience any moment, yet when I am in the moment with someone else, the dynamic changes.  I don’t want to hurry through life, collecting trophies rather than real memories.  I remember once visiting a  rather large museum, filled with the works of many great artists.  But there was so much to see and in an attempt to see it all, I found myself running through the rooms desperately.  In the end, my memories are only of my frenetic pace.  I regret not lingering over a single work and getting to know it intimately.  I would rather have a few meaningful moments in my life than scores of fleeting, empty images.

Last night I went out to dance.  It was the best time I have had in a long time. I felt connected and present and swept away.  This is how I want all of my life to be.

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