Lovely two

Chris and I headed out to Capitola Thursday night to see his father.  We were set up in the very cute Venetian hotel.  The town was so lovely that the next morning when Chris and his dad headed out to breakfast down the the road, I stayed behind so I could explore the town.  It was worth it; I had pie and coffee and bough myself a very cute dress.

When the two returned from breakfast, we all headed out to Monterey to see the aquarium.  It was fabulous, except that the main exhibit, sharks!, was closed.  I really think the aquarium could have come down on the entry price, $30!!, especially considering the feature attraction wasn’t open.  The fish were amazing though, and I was lucky enough to see a seahorse just seconds after it as born…it was so tiny, it’s a wonder seahorses  survive the big ocean.

Most of the pictures are from the aquarium, a few extra thrown in from Capitola. I know there are ton of photos of the jellyfish shot, but they were so amazing I couldn’t stop myself…


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