We’re flying through the “critical thinkers” in my art theory class…today is Marx.   I must admit, I am a communist at heart… Marx’s communism, not Stalin’s and Mao’s, but pure good old fashioned communism.  I like the idea of not having any personal property (except maybe my tango shoes and my favorite boots…surely there is an exception for footwear). Like many things though, communism looks good on paper, but in life…it never has worked out so well. Marx was great at pointing out the downfalls of capitalism, but when it came to organizing people….he didn’t do as well.

People are unpredictable.  We don’t act like we’re “supposed to.”  We surprise ourselves horrible ways and in beautiful ways.  We’re human…Humaness is not easily defined..not easily organized and understood. The ideal is a non-existent subjective goal ….it’s  unattainable.  And yet it seems that time and again man has tried to understand and organize himself and others…unsuccessfully. We are consistently inconsistent.

Yesterday as I was reading up on Marx and Hegel (God help me with Hegel)…I asked myself this question…”Is is possible to really understand something you don’t believe in?”  Before you answer ,really think about it.   Then ask yourself this, “Is it truly possible to understand something that you do ‘believe’ in?”  I’m still pondering both of these…right now I believe I can understand nothing at all. Seems I keep coming to that conclusion.

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