moving on

There have been times in my life when I have been acutely aware of the end of “an age” and the beginning of another. I remember in high school feeling this as I saw my younger peers take over the reigns of high school hierarchy. And again after I graduated college and quit my job at the bar that had been my hub for three years. There comes this knowing that it is time to move on and staying will only be foolish and even pathetic.

I have this knowing now. I have spent the last three years on a spiritual journey that has been powerful and life changing. And while I believed it would be the last path I would take, I find myself, stepping off. I don’t believe there is a path anymore or that there is any place to be going. I am confident in that for as much as I can be, and yet I have a small need to be reassured. Reassured that I will feel a little peace at last.
I need to create a space for that peace and I will only do so when I listen to my own voice.

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