Pantanjali advises us to take delight in the virtue of others as a way to develop and maintain calmness of mind.  Mudita is the third of the brahmaviharas, or yogic teacings on love, it is the ability to take active delight in others’ good fortune or good deeds.

I brought this idea to my practice this morning. I delight  easily the success of those I love…and even in those I hardly know at all, but have warm feelings towards.  But I cannot say I feel that way about those who I am not so fond  of.  Not that there are a lot of people out there that I am not fond of.  But there are those who I carry judgement about (yes, I know this also is not good)…and this judgement wants to mete out what’s due.  Bad behave should not be rewarded.

But if I am to live all that I say I believe, this not only unkind behavior it is also self defeating.  Can I really expect to feel joy and peace in my life, when I am not happy for the joy and peace others experience?

It makes me very sad to think that others would not share my happiness.  It makes sadder to know that I have overlooked my own unkind  behavior.

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