My sweet, sweet girl…..

It’s Sunday.  My poor girl Luka has been sick all last night and today.  She is curled at my feet, ears pinned nervously to her beautiful head, and her sad eyes could break even the most hardened heart.  I love this dog…love her more than any other animal I have ever shared my life with.  She is sweet and polite, and she gets me, she loves me.  We need each other just as much.  I know she loves with the same love I have for her…I feel blessed to have such a soul in my life, she brings me joy, comforts me, and makes me smile.  Her needs and pleasures are so simple…a good walk, a nice romp at the dog park, a treat once in awhile, she doesn’t even beg.  Thank you God for this wonderful gift that is Luka….thank you

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