A long drive into Seattle yesterday. But it was a beautiful day and I caught up with myself. Sometimes one needs to be trapped in a car for five hours to get some time alone. It was good.

At one point during my trip I found myself stopped completely on I5…one car among hundreds idling in place. I grabbed a CD to put in the player and noticed the art on the disc..it was a compass. I looked up and the car directly in front of me had the word “compass” engraved on the bumper, and the jeep next to it too had a compass on the spare tire cover. Coincidence? I can hear the cynicism already. But just the other day a friend compared me to a compass saying that I was “like a compass with a few more points of direction.”
I am one of those people who believes the world is wholly connected,and that in fact, nothing random. What the appearance of three compasses means, I don’t know. But if they stop my momentum and allow me to rest in the question for a brief instance, there is reason enough.

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