One More Time

New day. Yesterday I arrived home after more than a week away. My beautiful dog was so happy to see me, and I just as equally happy to see her. We have already settled into our comfortable routine.

I went through the mail very quickly last night. Mostly bills…but also a reminder to schedule my pap smear. This morning the reality of my health faced me squarely. I am too stressed, too sad, too filled with negative self talk to support a healthy body. So once again….I start over. As much as I struggle with being here, there is still beauty and love to be found and had.
I had a good round of laughter with a friend this morning. I found myself laughing out loud and at times uncontrollably. Last summer I incorporated humor into my healing routine. I watched funny movies, talked to my smart and quick witted friends…while I meditated and juiced and practiced yoga daily. I was able to heal my body then. And I came to understand that health and healing is a constant journey. I was lucky. Now I have to be smart.
Once more.

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