I was listening to OPB in my car yesterday.  I am a public radio addict.  Right now they’re fundraising, so there are always interruptions in the programming to ask for money.  I hadn’t given yet.  I used to give regularly, and then just got out of the habit.  Anyhow, during one of their breaks, Ira Glass came on (in case you didn’t know, I love Ira Glass…LOVE him!!) He had asked listeners, particularly children, to call in if they knew someone who was a regular listener but who didn’t ever donate.  A young woman called in to rat out her mom.  Ira then spoke with said mom, asked her why she didn’t give.  Of course the woman immediately offered to donate, said she had always meant to, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  I felt both pity for this woman, and envy…she was TALKING to Ira!! As much as I want to speak with Ira, I would hate to have him call me because my son turned me in.  Not a very good first impression.  

I went on-line this morning and made my contribution.

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