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A weekend of yoga school and I am left feeling both that I learned so much and that I am back to square one knowing nothing at all. We spent the better part of the weekend observing each other and making adjustments based upon those observations.  What I took away from the weekend was the realization that my own practice needs an overhaul.

I have been guilty of “hanging out” in many poses, accommodating my weaknesses, highlighting my strengths, neglecting my core, and struggling with my breathe instead of accepting it.  AAAAHHH….I am back to day one all over again.

This is how it is with many ventures though. I learn enough to get by…to not make a fool of feel successful.  Then I get a glimpse in the mirror and realize what I’m seeing is not at all what I believed I was doing. So I reexamine, pick up the pieces, and start, as always, wherever I am.

It’s frustrating and exciting both.  I learned some new things about my body and breathe, and I am eager to explore them in new ways.  I feel hope in ways I had not earlier.  I can change my body. I will open my hips, and breathe deeply.  I will discover ways of moving and freedom in my personal geography.  There is a brand new world out there…I am both the explorer and discovery…the seeker and the sought after. How cool is that.

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