I have no less than 20 passwords I must remember on a daily basis. The passwords I must remember incidentally are countless. On occasion this blog even requires me to login with my password.  I have two for my bank, one on-line and one for the ATM.  I have two for work, not counting the general staff login.  Every online account I have has one, my phone has one, even my yoga studio, and don’t get me started with my student accounts.

Okay I got me started…every few months or so PSU requires its students to change their passwords.  The new password has to be…well NEW. Not only is it difficult coming up with a new password,  I can’t remember every password I create.  It’s nearly impossible. I know, I know, I should write them down, but who does that?  An old boyfriend once set up a file on my computer for me to have all my passwords…of course he made it “safe” …. there’s a code (PASSWORD) for that file, which I don’t remember, because I DIDN’T MAKE IT UP!  He also made up the password for my computer itself, which is written a tiny slip of paper which I leave in my junk drawer.  This password is made up of the oddest combination of letters and numbers, nothing a normal person could remember EVER!  Of course that’s the point my ex said.  He was obsessed with safety.  I am not so much. Every once in awhile I must call said ex and ask for my password, which he of course has in a passworded file in his passworded computer. It’s quite a production for him to track it down.  I know the feeling.

One day the world will be different.  It could go two ways..passwords will be replaced entirely new technology, like the retinal eye scan…OR…people will trust each other and the password will become obsolete.  I’m hoping for the latter.

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