Perhaps I am too nice or wish only to see the good in life.  I have been accused of such, as if it were such a bad thing.  I know this isn’t true though.  I choose often to view the world’s cup as half full because I’ve seen and lived in the empty vessel.  I know it…well.  It makes the fuller, the good, the effort so much sweeter.

I am irritated and I want to get over it but I am not.  I worked to today with girls who showed amazing resilience and courage.  Girls who advocate for themselves because so few in their lives have.  Girls who try and fail and try again and again. They are amazing and sometimes…today..the world fails to give them credit. And it pisses me off.

So today, in the quiet of my home, on the laptop of my computer I give them credit. I am amazed that you K have a kind word for anyone ever.  If I wore your shoes for just one day I would be still in my addiction.  And S…I don’t know how you held it together.  Confined to the chair behind your desk for hours with no clue as to the end of the tedium.  But you sat there, you cried, and slept, and stared into space and held it close biding your time.  And you J spoke your truth…hoping that once someone would listen.  I was listening…we were listening.

Life is often hard. For some it unfairly so.  I wish the world would remember this.

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