6 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. I really love your work. I especially like the Opal piece, and the Darwin When Elephants Yo-yo. The Untitled you made today is beautiful too. I think your words: “Liminal Space and everywhere else” are wonderfully phrased. I only recently discovered what “liminal” means, and I think it is an excellent word. I have been trying to use it in conversation, but I haven’t found an opportunity yet.

    1. Thank you so much! I love the word “liminal” but I honestly think I’ve never used it in conversation 🙂

  2. Hey there Deidren- My husband and I are having a baby in Sept and when we were up in Portland in December visiting our surrogate we purchased 3 of your paintings in a coffee shop. We love them. We’d love to buy some more. Are all the paintings on this portfolio page still available? Will you also let us know pricing and how much you would charge for shipping? Thanks!

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