Pottery as Meditation Practice

Since October of last year  I have become a key holder at Assemble, a Maker’s Studio in Berlin. I have fallen in love with clay and making things. I go at least 4 mornings a week(providing that there is no winter storm!!)…building, glazing, thinking of nothing else but what’s in front of me.  It’s a beautiful thing.

One of the best things about Assemble is the community that comes there and makes. There is support and creativity and humor and kindness. It is really one of the most loving and generous spirited places I have ever been. I have learned so much and grown as artist.

There are so many variables in ceramics that one never really knows the outcome of one’s effort until the final kiln firing and the lid is lifted in a revelation…what has been created after all? From the moment the wet clay comes out of the bag, so may things effect that final outcome..some intentional, some not, some seen, so many unseen. One can only be in the moment with pottery. It’s a true letting go. And as an artist, it is a gift to create without a clear agenda. The roads on my pottery map lead to undiscovered lands. It is a trip I will take time and time again.





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