The other day I texted a friend, “As a nondualist, who does one pray to when in need of a favor from the universe?”

He sent back a blank text.

“Great!” I thought.

The truth is, his answer was accidental; he hadn’t meant to send an empty text.  But the answer was nonetheless a good one .  This morning I received my weekly message from Eckhart Tolle (I’m on an email list)..”An amazing realization is in the present moment there is only what is, but there are no problems. And if your attention remains in the Now, you no longer inhabit a world of problems. Challenges you may still face, but they come to you in the space of Now.”

Prayer has been my tool for asking, “Please help me!”   I have also used prayer to say “thank you!” But for the most part, prayer has been a petition for some universal favor. I have to wonder,  did I receive the help I asked for?  If I did not, did I choose to believe that God had known better for me and chosen to answer “no, not this time, Deidre.”

Everything I need is this moment, everything that is, is Now.  How perfectly convenient.  The range of possibility  is endless. My only prayer need be “yes.”

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