Went through my filing cabinet this morning…filing new documents and letting go of a lot of old paperwork. I lit a small fire in the fireplace and burned the “sensitive” and personal papers.  It felt good, until I stood up and noticed my house was smoke filled.  I threw open the front and back doors and let the day air cleanse the space.  My home feels lighter, I feel lighter.

There is so much I hang on to.  Stuff.  But little of it matters in the day to day. In fact most of it doesn’t.  But I let my energy hang on to it, and some days I feel the weight of it physically.  I have been weeding through my closet in much the same manner as my filing cabinet.  But I find it harder to let go of  cloth than paper.  Maybe it’s because I paid for my wardrobe, and the paper  comes free to me.  Money plays tricks on my sense of priorities and self worth. The paper is a burden, the clothes are a pleasure.  Too bad for me.  There are far greater pleasures to pursue and enjoy than the wearing and caring of my clothes.

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