Rain Rain and more Rain

Day one on the peninsula and it is raining..a lot. I don;t mind the rain so much but Chris does and feels it is a personal..the universe taking it out on him.

It’s not like we can change the weather. I really don’t the rain bother me. I have my boots 🙂

We headed off Bay of Fundy side of the providence, and the fabled tides were evident. I made Chris stop in Sanford so we could see the smallest drawbridge in the world.

It was built so the fisherman wouldn’t have to walk all the way around to get from one side of the harbor to the next. The other shots are from the same harbor.

thumb_P1012347_1024 thumb_P1012346_1024 thumb_P1012345_1024 thumb_P1012343_1024

Everything seems to be covered in this rust colored moss.

We stopped for lunch in Digby, I had the scallops because that’s what Digby is know for. They came with turnips! Chris had pie..coconut cream. He was still grumpy about the rain and about his phone not working. Pie is a cure-all.


After lunch we headed to Anapolis Royal, a very pretty coastal town. Truth be told there are many pretty coastal towns!!

We stopped and had Solomon Gundy and a beer (Chris had lunch this time) at The Olde Towne Pub, the smallest bar in Nova Scotia. It really wasn’t that small..

pickled herring
pickled herring

in fact it was rather average sized. I guess by Nova Scotia standards it was small.


Chris is happy here because his phone is now working.

We then headed to the beautiful botanical gardens in town. They were lovely. They had so many beautiful flowers, but I have no pictures because it raining so hard I was afraid to take my camera out. You’ll have to check out Chris’s blog.

We headed toward Halifax, the rain was just too much..we did stop here and there to take a few pictures.

thumb_P1012348_1024thumb_P1012357_1024 thumb_P1012366_1024 thumb_P1012365_1024

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