2010. Just around the corner.  I heard mention of New Year”s Resolutions a few days ago and thought to myself…”I haven’t made one of those in a long while.”  They fall in line right behind “things I give ups for Lent.” No longer a  Catholic, I don’t feel compelled to necessarily give up anything, but I did make a transition in my thinking about the Lenten practice years ago. I decided to give up things I really wanted to give up in my life…or conversely acquire skills I was lacking.  One year I gave up talking negatively about myself.  That was tough, and I still slip into more often than I would like. One year I decided to “be good with names”…taking the time actually learn a person’s name.  It really did work.
This year, this new year, I am thinking along the same lines….only bigger.  If you can only achieve what you dream, might as well dream big.

So what am I going create for myself this year?  I am going to put into practice all that I say I believe in….really walk the talk as it were.  It’s not that I don’t try to do right now, but if I am most honest with myself, I have been doing a half assed job at it.  A half assed job has gotten me by…..I can only imagine what a full effort can do for me.  I’m not waiting for January 1st…I am starting today.

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