return to wellness

Everyone has their cross to bear in life, mine is my digestive system.  I carry my stress in my gut. I can’t complain though as I can manage my issues by eating well and taking care of myself…win/win really.  Why I forget this is beyond me.

As a child I was plagued by rashes and digestive issues.  I wouldn’t say that I was sickly child, but I had more than my fair share of illnesses growing up.  Recurrent rashes as well as persistent and debilitating intestinal pain as adult had me turning to a naturopath and accupuncturist for answers and help I hadn’t found in conventional medicine.  The answers came and wellness followed.  My diet was overhauled. I eliminated the usual suspects, strived for a balance of work and play, and learned the importance of sleep.

When I am well..I am so well.  It’s unbelievable what true health feels like. It’s been so long since I have felt that healthy. Life became a little crazy and I let bad habits creep in, one by one, and little by little that wellness faded and the old normal returned. My lesson in all of this is of course that when life gets crazy…I need more than ever to follow my healing routine…diet, rest, exercise. I can take on the world when I am healthy.

Off to the yoga mat.

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