Road Trip

I sit in meditation
body still
at last
but mind
cannot seem to quiet
cannot let go.
of what you ask?
the goal,
I say.
oneness with God
I sit with the hope
of mapping out my path
to such a place
as if it were
a state
not of being
but one with physical definition
it would lie somewhere between
the northern plains and India
I could
and would
take a road trip there
packing very lightly
my favorite dress
and boots
with Luka at my side
and nothing else
but a simple bowl
and I would give them
all away
save for Luka
for the knowing
and the peace of never searching again

one day
i will come to sit
folding  my map
one last time
beautiful and useless
as it is
and find that I
have travelled everywhere
to make it
back to here
with no regret
or hope
with nothing

simply here

one day will be today

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