It is raining in Portland…the beginning of “the rain.”  The rain that will last until May.  I am not ready for it yet…I want to have a summer redo…one where I go hiking and find a lonely spot on the river to spend the day.  It wasn’t a bad summer, it just wasn’t an easy one, and as I return to school I feel unrested and scattered.  

Today I woke up late having failed to set my alarm clock properly.  I am only grateful for the extra time…time I didn’t allow myself but unconsciously made.  Sometimes I imagine my body is an office run by a very efficient secretary…She’s wise and practical and always a step ahead.  She works so well that no one even notices her.  Today, I did.   This inner spirit has protected me, held my hand…waited for me to be well again and stand alone.  And tonight when I return home…I will find a way to thank her. 

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