“Riches prick us with a thousand troubles in getting them, as many cares in preserving them, and yet more anxiety in spending them, and with grief losing them.” St. Francis

I’m working towards having less. It’s so much easier when there is less to take care of. Today my niece came and cleared out of my garage some furniture and household items I’ve been saving for her. It’s a burden to see my garage full of extra stuff. I like to think of myself as living simply, but there are so many ways that I am not. The garage is a reminder.

This next month I am devoting energy to shedding even more. More stuff, more have-tos, more in general. Today I found the time to make it to yoga class. It was nice to have the an hour and a half to move and notice my body. It’s been a long time and I relished every asana and every breathe, even the ones that were uncomfortable. It was great just to be aware. Hard to be aware when you’ve got a mountain of distraction before you.

Today as I drove into school I was especially observant. I noticed things today that I never had before, and I make the same drive four days a week. But today, I was free from worry, free from the pressure of work to be done. I had completed all my projects for the end of the semester and I felt unburdened and awake. I was able to be fully in the moment as I had no pesky thoughts reminding me of work to be done or things I had to do. I have felt this feeling twice this past week and it has been wonderful. I want more of it.

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