The temperatures have warmed and the snow has melted enough to allow for an easy outing Luka. When my dear pup saw me pull out my hiking boots she nearly lost her mind with excitement…truly. Poor thing. I will have to prepare us both better for next winter so that we can get out of the house and into the winter woods.

Mud and bug season is soon to come. My first since moving to New Hampshire. I don’t mind the mud…but the bugs, they’re another story.

I hate those little black ones that just seem to find any skin you haven’t covered, like your eyes, nose, and ears. I am also nervous about ticks. I really hate the idea of a bug latching on to you and sucking your blood…plus there’s Lyme Disease, which is hard to diagnose and treat in timely fashion.

But I love the forest and time spent in them with Luka, so I’ve got to deal.

A little catch up as my blogging has been sporadic. My art came down from the Gallery at WREN. I sold three pieces..I would have certainly liked to have sold more, but I am happy to have sold the pieces I did. As always I was surprised what sold and what didn’t.

I am at last working my new job and my new job only, which I love. I love the people I work with. I really love that I can leave my work AT work…not taking it home.

The veganism has been harder than I hoped, but I am still committed. I have been tired lately, fighting a cold and an allergic reaction to something ( I suspect lemons) which has caused a rash. I am ready to be fully healthy and strong again.

Other than that…life goes on.

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