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oil on canvas

part of a series I’m calling Herd.

Recovering from a nasty bug which had me bedridden for the last 4 days…ugh. in progress

IMG_8639 IMG_8640 IMG_8642



Dry spells and inspirations

Sometimes I think of myself, the artist-self, as a surrogate. That works of, paintings, poetry…are already created,floating out there in space awaiting manifestation.  An available artist presents herself and facilitates that creation..puts pen to paper, brush to canvas…and brings to life that work of art. It’s random or serendipitous or both.

I have been experiencing a dry spell. Or maybe I was just too tired. Either way, I wasn’t painting. Until these ravens came into my life. A work commissioned by a friend for the wedding of her son.

“Three ravens, wearing glasses please, and an represent their family.” I put it off too long. I pondered ideas, wondered, tried to create…but nothing. Then the deadline approached and I forced myself to be available. I presented myself as ready and the image came through me quickly. I was relieved and pleased.

Below are images of the work, from start to finish.


IMG_8328 IMG_8353

I especially love the egg, and the composition of the whole piece. I stepped out my usual box. Growth!

It is titled, appropriately,  Family Tree.

Spring and what brings me happiness


Luka and I have been walking every day, sometimes twice, on the trails behind our home. Spring is here.  I love being in a place with distinct season. The timing of the season allows us to savor and really appreciate what is unique and wonderful about each one.

Before my walk I read an article about the Dalai Lama.He was asked what the meaning of life was,; he answered “happiness.” Determining what happiness is each of ourselves is the hard part.

On my walk this morning I thought about what happiness is to me. Here’s my little list:

not feeling anxious

being outside with no limit on my time

seeing my dog happy

seeing the people around me happy, especially my children and my husband

being creative

feeling appreciated..appreciating myself

feeling healthy

dancing…dancing makes me really happy

finishing unfinished projects (actually it’s more like having no unfinished projects)

Today my laundry is on the line..I’m going off to paint and do some yoga..I am happy.

Luna Moth

oil on canvas



oil on canvas 40″X30″

I worked on this piece for a long time, even wiping it clean and starting it over at least twice. It doesn’t photograph well; it’s so much more in person.

Flower Bearer


oil on canvas 18″X24″



completed and SOLD


My newest fascination