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A wellspring of landscapes

The Land is burning is Oregon, Washington, and California. I am worried about my friends..several have evacuated. The skies are red and smoke filled; Portland has the worst air quality in the world right now.

And I am in Gorham… so far away, painting. Not oblivious to what is happening in the world. Just trying to find comfort in ways I can. The world is suffering this year. We must dig deep. I must dig deep and find the wellspring within myself.

There is so much to face and deal with right now. But there is also beauty and kindness and love to be found. I will focus on what can be ahead..what I can create..what I can offer that contributes in better ways, healing ways, loving ways.

Build the New

Every day is an exercise in building the new ❤️

After the Rain Falls

Covid is getting to me. Admittedly, I haven’t been as effected by the pandemic as others.. I don’t have school aged kids, I was able to get unemployment when my work place closed, I’m a natural homebody and introvert, I had time to finish hasn’t been awful.

I am at work again and tourist season is in bloom and it’s harder now. More effort, more stress, more worry, more irritation. I am ready to not wear a mask 7-8 hours a day. I am ready to travel and see people and hug. But I can’t.

So this painting.. is hope. That this will end and there will be brighter days…

All my Relations


We’re in the midst of a global pandemic.

Did I fail to mention this? We, the United States are also facing increased civil unrest. That phrase, “civil unrest” is insufficient.. and awkward. So much is going on.. none of which I have said about in this blog which has lain fallow for a year. How does one catch up on all that happened..who am I to comment on any of it. I paint happy things, not always as a distraction, but as way seeing the light, the positive, the hope that there are better days to come.. sometimes I do paint to forget it all.

global pandemic.covid 19. Black Lives Matter. Th names of so many black men and women killed by many I fear naming a few , leaving out so’s too’s heartbreaking.. 2020 is heartbreaking is on so many levels. My own personal life filled with heart break and trauma, too much to explain or come to terms I push forward instead.

Here is what I am is what I am working on.

Nature is a powerful teacher

My words create my reality.. use my words wisely, kindly

I alone am responsible for my response

Everyday is sacred

There is room and need for ritual every day.

Love..when all else fails.. love..

My presence and my actions effect the world around me

We are all connected

Bring joy into my life.. seek it.. do what I love

This is a bit of a ramble, I know. I remain committed to engaging with the world in loving and kind ways, my art, this blog, included.

blessings and peace to everyone ❤️






When Rook was King

Oil in 14″X14″ canvas


Summit Spirit

14″x18″ oil on canvas

A beautiful bear made her way to the summit of Greenland this summer…


Forest Prince and Wee Art

I haven’t painted in awhile. So much change has happened in the last 6 months.I sold my home, moved to another that is in a continuous state of remodeling. A few days ago I was finally able to sit down in my reassembled studio and paint. Below is the fruits of that labor..Forest Bear. An oil on 12X16 canvas.IMG_0071

And below are pieces I gave as gifts at a dinner party I hosted as a way of saying Thank You to the lovely friends who have helped me through this last year. The pieces are painted on the back sides of vintage metal print blocks. I love them.I had most guests pick out their own, those that couldn’t make it, I one selected for them. There a few more that didn’t make into the gallery..alas.




oil on 20″x30″

Foxes are the one animal I see regularly here in New Hampshire. It was time I painted another one.


Price Consideration

Want to make an artist cringe? Ask her how much her painting costs?

Pricing my art is the single hardest thing about about being an artist. It’s painful. An artist  friend of mine remarked on Facebook about the the difficulties of pricing one’s art.  We are often asked “How long did it take you to paint?” It’s a hard question to answer. Sure there is a literal amount of time it took to actually apply paint to the canvas, start to finish. But it doesn’t account for the hours, months, and even years sometimes that I have ruminated and planned and redesigned in my head and in sketchbooks and canvases certain paintings. Two years ago I finally finished a painting I housed in my soul for years..literally years I dreamed of this painting. During this time, my skill as a painter grew; I  learned new things; I matured as an artist. It was a painting that needed time to develop, I needed time to develop. When I finally was able to come to the easel and paint took a few hours, that was it.  And if it doesn’t sound too cocky ..the piece was beautiful; everything I had hoped it would be. Then I couldn’t sell her. It was a long awaited child I  had finally birthed and I wasn’t going to put part with her so quickly; putting a price on her was crazy-talk. In the end, I didn’t sell her. I traded her for the work of another craftsperson, someone’s who own work skill, experience, and time I valued.

It’s easy to price out the cost of canvases, paint (you might be surprised at the cost of good quality oil paint), brushes, cleaning supplies, studio rent, business promotion expenses, travel costs.  Even an hourly rate, if I were to charge $25 an hour..or $50, or $100, whatever. But does the hourly rate include the time an idea is developing in my head and in practice sketches? I don’t know..I really don’t. And all the failed attempts, what’s to come of them? So many unsuccessful paintings have died on the studio floor so that  “art” could be made. A lot of good paint was used and scraped off of canvases trying to achieve the end goal. Did I mention paint is expensive?

Friends have suggested I develop a formula..cost of supplies plus hourly rate sort of thing. It makes sense; I should probably do that. But it’s hard. I tend to price my pieces in relation to how much I love them personally. When I buy art I am willing to pay in reflection to my love for that piece and the joy or sense of peace or emotion that the piece brings me. There’s no real formula for that.  I wish there was…it might be easier.

I can’t speak for all artists. I just know that the business end of art is hard for me. And I wish it weren’t so.







We Talk Every Day


This is a large 3’X4′ piece. I used oil, chalk and oil pastel. I am loving working larger pieces these days. People often say they don’t have room in their homes for larger pieces, but I actually find hanging larger pieces easier; it’s certainly easier than hanging a bunch of smaller pieces!!

I didn’t start out this piece with my sister in mind. But as I was finishing I got a call from my her. She lives in Hawaii..I live in New Hampshire so we’re pretty far away from each other. She’s my best friend and we do talk every day. Most every day..often about nothing. I’ll send her pictures of my pieces while I’m working on them..ask her opinion..get her encouragement. She’s a farmer among other things, you can read about her here on her blog…Our Hawaii Farm.

Close ups below.