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Community Garden

It’s been a little over a year since we moved into the city. While I love urban living, there a few things I miss about country living. Having a garden is one of them. I remedied that loss this year by getting a little plot in a community garden a few miles from our condo. I walked there today in the bright and warm sun.

Below are images from my new garden away from home..


I’m lucky because ┬ásomeone covered my plot with burlap coffee bags…this really cut down on the weeding.20130425-224749.jpg

My freshly handed tilled little square of land.20130425-224802.jpg

Images from around the garden…20130425-224816.jpg




It was really nice getting my hands in the ground. I had forgotten how peaceful it is to work the land…even if it’s just a tiny piece. I dug up some potatoes leftover from last year. Potatoes are the one thing my husband keeps asking me to plant; so it’s kind of funny to to see that they’ve already been planted. Here’s to a good year of gardening!!