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no more wheat..I mean it this time

I have promised myself countless times that I would be good. I am wheat intolerant.  I can’t eat it without bad things happening. I know this. But time and time again, I eat it anyway. And suffer.

I eat it anyway for so many reasons…
1. I like bread and pasta
2. I like beer
3. I hate to be “that guest” with the food sensitivities at a party
4. I don’t plan ahead and get hungry and eat whatever is around.
5. I think I’ll get away with it..
6. I can’t believe I really can’t wheat…

The truth is I can’t. And today I am suffering, really suffering. What is it going to take? More days like this? Today, I am afraid to eat. I have been here before and it didn’t matter. I have spent days lying on my side breathing slowing waiting for the abdominal pain to go away.Days that added together make months and maybe even years. I have rashes and lethargy and conditions I won’t go into detail about and still I eat wheat.

I looked up support groups today. I don’t why this is so hard for me.

Once again…day wheat…I promise, really…

red curry


I came home from work today, entered the door I walked out of nine hours before.  My beloved Luka crouched low wanting to leap, but restraining.  What a good dog.  Really, she is.  Others say this about their dogs, but Luka is different.  She’s a good dog, plain and simple.

After I took my good dog to the park, I made a lovely pot of red curry with vegetables. There’s something particularly satisfying about having all the ingredients you need for a really good dish surprisingly on hand.  I followed a recipe from one of my new favorite cookbooks, Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health, and made a batch of brown rice.

Eating it made me warm and happy.  It’s important to take care of oneself.  Sometimes I forget to nurture myself as well as I nurture those around me.  Now, with a full belly, and a lovely cup of Earl Grey I feel content.