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A little bit of all over the place
















20140617-222605-80765781.jpgChris and I have been making day trips the last couple of days. First a drive around the NH border of Maine–Bethel,Center Lovell, Fryeburg, then thru North Conway where we watched the US v Ghana soccer game. Today we drove north, skirting the Vermont border and ultimately hitting the Canadian border and back down. Both days were filled with beauty. It seems I think I’ve found the most beautiful spot on earth only to discover yet another beautiful place the next day.

Today in Lancaster I spoke with a shop keeper and we agreed that people can handle the New Hampshire winters because the summers are such a reward.

I’m feel so fortunate to be living here. My soul is at peace in the natural world and I have hit the jackpot.

A day at the park


I took Luka to Dog Mountain today in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  We stayed for two hours; if I had packed a lunch I would’ve stayed all day.  For the third day in a row, I felt I was in the most beautiful place I had ever been in and I didn’t want to be any where else.20140608-223747-81467897.jpg









summer blossoms


A gift from a fellow community gardener. I gave her butter lettuce…she gave me a bouquet. They really smell amazing, I think I got the better end of the deal.

just one thing..

i wish the couple that
i sold my lovely little house to
would have told me
that they love it

in the end
after all the questionable actions of their realtor
i am left unsettled

at the end of the day
i just wanted to be assured
that my home would be loved

silly perhaps
unfair to expect
but true none the less

a wishin’ and hopin’

I’m a worrier. It’s the thing I like least about myself, besides my nose. This last year has been one of lots of change and projects and events, all perfect ingredients for a big worry pie. Selling my house has been the biggest source of anxiety since I don’t remember when. God bless house sellers and buyers. It’s a trial, it is. And, without jinxing myself, things are coming into place for this one adventure to come to a nice end. Offers have been made and accepted and now it’s inspection time and paperwork. These are my wishes..

everything works out
the lovely new home owners at my sweet Halsey house love it as much as I have and do
that cpb and I love our new digs as well as we begin a new chapter
that moving is easy
that my Luka likes high rises
that our realtor still likes us despite my neediness and constant worrying

My prayer..God, keep us in your embrace, I need you holding me together. All is as it to be, let me remember this…amen

Final Moments of 2011

Good bye 2011..

You were a good year, the year I got married and graduated school.  In fact just a few posts ago I made a list of all of the good things about you.  Sometimes at the end of a year, one believes it is necessary to go out with a big bang.  Chris and I tried just that.  We headed out with the idea of hitting the town.  Instead, we hit two places, had a total of three drinks between the two us and a plate of wings and sliders and headed home. Some years are like that.  Not a lot of fan fare.

2011 was a salt of the earth year.  A year one plods through, with good intentions and a lot of effort.  I will always look back most fondly at this year, as it was “Our First Year” and it it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.


Autumn Supper

One week after Chris and I were married, we attended the Annual Autumn Supper at Mike and Tina Anderson’s lovely home outisde of Vancouver.  This was my second year attending the beautiful dinner. Last year when I went with Chris, we had just started dating.  This year, we were married.

The dinner was wonderful, served family style around a long table, you can see the picture above.  Many of the people in attendance had been  there last year, some have been there many times, as Mike and Tina have been hosting these dinners for many years.

It was really a sweet evening; a time for gratitude and family and friends.  Children from last year were older and a little bigger.  It’s important to stop and enjoy our days. Too many days we rush around, failing notice what we have and who we share our lives with.

Thank you Mike and Tina for slowing us down…

A Plate full of Worry

What keeps me up at night these days

…selling the house for a reasonable price
… buying a new home
…falling behind
…the state of the world today
…scary right wing Republicans
…coming up with good ideas in school
…coming up with great ideas
…leaving Luka at home all day
…what I’m going to do with all the stuff I have once we move
…being a good wife
…being a good mom
…keeping the house clean
…finding time to do the yard
…getting a good grade
…finishing well
…getting out of shape
…being too skinny
…being too fat
…annoying my husband with the above
…my term paper
…my midterm
…too much to do in too little time
…finding time for my love
…making it to church
…paying my bills on time
…finding a way to make money
…being an artist
…being taken seriously
…worrying about people think of me

an incomplete list…

I leave it here…all my worries, big and on the blog. I have much to be great grateful for..I will be grateful.

Too much money makes you miserable…

Being able to get whatever you want makes you awfully unhappy when you can’t get what you want. And if everything is easy, then nothing really matters. The only people who can feel are those who have a sense of what it means to do without.

lessons from Jane Austen


I am learning and I am grateful.  Today I experienced honesty and courage and I am changed because of it.  This past week I have come to know and understand a few important things about myself.  I won’t go into the details, primarily because they likely make sense only to me; what I can say is that I feel like I have grown up a little.

My life is small and simple.  I am filled with gratitude daily, even moment to moment.  I am thankful for reconnecting with old friends; I am thankful work I love.  I am thankful for those who have my interests at heart.  I am most thankful for honest communication and the bravery it takes.  I am thankful that I can and have changed.  I am thankful, very much so, for my health. I am thankful for opportunities I have right now.  I am thankful for the people who share their lives and time with me.

thank you thank you thank you all who is and are responsible..