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Ditch the Tech

I finished!! Finally.. After a marathon day of knitting I can say nothing else, but…YAY!


continuing to Ditch the Tech



I’m still working on this piece. I’ve finished the body and am now moving  onto the arms. It’s the first sweater I’ve made for myself…it’s time I’ve knitted for me!

This sweater is from Doomsday Knits..lots of great projects in the book, this is my favorite.



The color of this is so much prettier in real life, the lighting was poor.


I’ve been melancholy. Beyond melancholy. For lots of reasons and no particular reason, truly. If you look up my name in a baby book it says either “melancholy” or “sorrowful one.” Seriously. Thanks mom and dad. I’m thinking about changing my name to Sunny or Poppy or Jubilee. How can you you be sad when you’re named Joy or Daisy? It’s more than a name’s history, DNA…. And just life.

So I’ve been knitting. It’s been keeping me going. Barely, but enough. Thank God for yarn and needles and good patterns to follow.

Apocalyptic Spring Knitting


I’m working a sweater from the Doomsday Knits collection. I’ve been restless, anxious, uncertain lately. A lot of change is in the air. I react to change in two ways typically…I either rush forward, full steam ahead with energy and excitement OR I burrow under the covers, paralyzed with fear. I fear I’ve been burrowing. I’v e got too much to do to burrow!! I’ve turned to knitting as a way to soothe my anxiety. When I’m knitting, I am hopeful and creative.

It’s interesting that  the sweater I have chosen to knit is from a book with the word “doomsday” in the title…the patterns included all inspired by end of the world scenarios. One of the things my husband and I have in common is our appreciation of apocalyptic stories. I think what draws me to such tales are the survivors. Those that make it through ‘the end of the world’ and rely on their ingenuity, guts, luck, and belief that they can carry on in some meaningful way.  That’s what I need to do right now…have a little belief in myself. I can thrive in any circumstance.


February already

It’s been too long since I last posted. My body has thrown me some curves lately and I’ve had to make adjustments and am still making adjustments.

So what can one do when things just don’t go as planned? Knit


I’ve been working on this tender, threadlike scarf for days. The color makes me happy and it’s soft as soft can be. It reminds me to gentle but steadfast.

I’ve been painting too, hearts mostly..Valentine’s is just around the corner..



As well as owls



These aren’t quite finished..but I heading to the studio soon to do just that.

And I’ve been working and now looking for different work opportunities as my body can’t take anything too physical. Alas..

I must admit, my physical condition has taken a toll on my mental self. A few days ago though, I decided to turn it around. There are many people who live with chronic pain, my compassion for them has grown as well as a determination to at least take the very best care of myself as I can.

So I surround myself with the things I love, eat well, and do what needs to be done.

rainy Saturday’s are my favorite


Chris and I have to be out of the house for a spell, house hunters are looking at our place again. We’ve hunkered down for some coffee in NW.. and I knit while Chris works on the NYT crossword. it’s almost as good as a bath!

A little holiday spinning














while waiting for paint to dry, literally, in my art studio…I spun some alpaca. The wool is courtesy of my alpacas Sante and Cyclone.  I had give up my boys when I moved to the city, but I have load of their wool still. I spun this especially knobby..thinking it would make a cool cowl.