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A wellspring of landscapes

The Land is burning is Oregon, Washington, and California. I am worried about my friends..several have evacuated. The skies are red and smoke filled; Portland has the worst air quality in the world right now.

And I am in Gorham… so far away, painting. Not oblivious to what is happening in the world. Just trying to find comfort in ways I can. The world is suffering this year. We must dig deep. I must dig deep and find the wellspring within myself.

There is so much to face and deal with right now. But there is also beauty and kindness and love to be found. I will focus on what can be ahead..what I can create..what I can offer that contributes in better ways, healing ways, loving ways.

The Long Drive Day One













We left Portland this morning.

Luka settled into the backseat and knew immediately that something was up.; her bed was in the backseat; the car was full.. she was quiet.

We headed down to Eugene first so we could say good bye to Christopher and have one last meal with him. We had lunch with the lovely Cami and Rob and their kids Kate and Nick.

Onward to Bend. The drive there was so beautiful … the pictures really do no justice. we’re staying with our dear friends Leslie and Tyler, and their pup Milo. Their new home is quite magical. pictures of it tomorrow. They are both incredibly creative and hard working .. their home is a absolute reflection.

it’s late in the night.. I can’t sleep but must try