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When Spirits Meet

Mixed media on 24″x36″

I have been wanting to paint this piece for such a long time. I practice, live, a nature based spiritual life. At the base of this practice is relationship. My relationship with the world around me.. not just people but place and land and earth and all of its creation. Relationship feeds and fuels inspiration.

My particular love of owls is no secret.

This piece is homage to that relationship.



oil on canvas 40″X30″

I worked on this piece for a long time, even wiping it clean and starting it over at least twice. It doesn’t photograph well; it’s so much more in person.

painting whimsy


20140807-201103-72663152.jpgTwo more smaller pieces for the show.

Peacock 9X12 inch oil on canvas

Violet 11X14 inch oil on canvas


owl love

I finally made it back into my studio. Too much time has passed…too much work leaving me little time and even less energy to paint.

oil on canvas


Night Owls

Oil on canvas 11″x14″

Still working through this piece.. Not sure how I feel about it yet..