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Forest Prince and Wee Art

I haven’t painted in awhile. So much change has happened in the last 6 months.I sold my home, moved to another that is in a continuous state of remodeling. A few days ago I was finally able to sit down in my reassembled studio and paint. Below is the fruits of that labor..Forest Bear. An oil on 12X16 canvas.IMG_0071

And below are pieces I gave as gifts at a dinner party I hosted as a way of saying Thank You to the lovely friends who have helped me through this last year. The pieces are painted on the back sides of vintage metal print blocks. I love them.I had most guests pick out their own, those that couldn’t make it, I one selected for them. There a few more that didn’t make into the gallery..alas.




oil on 20″x30″

Foxes are the one animal I see regularly here in New Hampshire. It was time I painted another one.


We Talk Every Day


This is a large 3’X4′ piece. I used oil, chalk and oil pastel. I am loving working larger pieces these days. People often say they don’t have room in their homes for larger pieces, but I actually find hanging larger pieces easier; it’s certainly easier than hanging a bunch of smaller pieces!!

I didn’t start out this piece with my sister in mind. But as I was finishing I got a call from my her. She lives in Hawaii..I live in New Hampshire so we’re pretty far away from each other. She’s my best friend and we do talk every day. Most every day..often about nothing. I’ll send her pictures of my pieces while I’m working on them..ask her opinion..get her encouragement. She’s a farmer among other things, you can read about her here on her blog…Our Hawaii Farm.

Close ups below.



The Recovery of Frida

When I was in art school, I painted what what I believe to be my best work ever. It was an acrylic on a small piece of wood painted in the style of a Byzantine Icon of Frida Kahlo. It was beautiful. It really was. I loved it. On the day it was completed, I hung it in art building on a hallway alongside the works of my fellow classmates, as per the usual practice. That night it was stolen.

I recall when I hung it I had a fleeting feeling that this would be the last time I saw my painting, but I dismissed it. In the blank space on the wall where my Frida had hung, I put a note pleading for her return. No questions asked. I hadn’t even taken a photo of her! Other notes from fellow students soon appeared. They weren’t as nice as I had been  and I was kind of happy about that. But the notes didn’t help and I never saw my painting again.

In the years since then, I have tried to repaint that Frida. But they never were as good as that first one and I never finished a piece. You can’t recapture the energy and the magic of certain paintings; they’re just special and that specialness is a one time thing.

This week I was inspired to try again. I decided to forgo the icon format…too soon still. This is the second Frida this week. She looks a little angry here, but maybe she’s got something to be angry about.



Oil on 14″x18″



Never The Less Oil on 30″X30″

An piece inspired by Imbloc and my beautiful friend Elizabeth. Spring Blessings everyone!

Bluebird Shares her Secrets

Oil on 20″x24″

When Spirits Meet

Mixed media on 24″x36″

I have been wanting to paint this piece for such a long time. I practice, live, a nature based spiritual life. At the base of this practice is relationship. My relationship with the world around me.. not just people but place and land and earth and all of its creation. Relationship feeds and fuels inspiration.

My particular love of owls is no secret.

This piece is homage to that relationship.


  IMG_3494.jpgAwen mixed media on 14″X14″ canvas

Welcome 2018

It’s been over a year since my last blog post. An entire year. I guess I needed a break from writing. This past year has been one full of challenge and change and I think more  than anything I was just tired. Something had to give;  I needed more rest and I just let this time go.

It’s funny, I don’t feel especially sad about it. My life was full in so many ways. I painted a lot, I took up pottery. I knitted and hiked and did home improvement. I just didn’t record any of that in my blog. Not a once.

This blog has evolved over the years.  I began it during another difficult period in my life. I wrote a lot of poetry then, the blog was a way of reflecting on my life. Recently my  blog was a way of sharing my art, although I haven’t been that great about sharing the blog. I just let people find it. This year I hope to focus my efforts on not only sharing my art through my blog but sharing what it is to be an artist.

A renewed focus needs a new moniker. So  I ring in the new year with Deidre Blair fine art and craft, and release Liminal Space and Everywhere Else.

Blessings and love and renewal.


Paintings and More Paintings

I’ve been busy at the easel, just not busy at updating my blog..I need and art manager. I would give half my profits to someone who would just mange me!! Keeping up with the business end of art has been daunting.

But I digress..because it’s all about the art. I love my new pieces. They’re like my children. I love them all!!

Most of these pieces went to Portland, Oregon. They’re going to be hanging on the walls of Cafe Voila downtown on 9th and SW Washington.









“Garden Variety Bear”






“Golden Crowned Kinglet”



“Fall Bunny”



“Be Love”









“Vermont Sheep”



“Wee Bunny”