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a hard day

Today as I walked home from my studio, I found that a length of Naito Parkway was cordoned off by police. There were several fire trucks and many police officers. A small and scattered number of people were watching. At first I believed everyone was looking toward a parking lot between two office buildings; I thought there must be a car fire. Then I realized that everyone was looking up and to my horror I looked up too and saw a woman perched on the edge of the Fremont Bridge preparing to jump.

It was so awful, so very awful. The Fremont Bridge is the highest bridge in Portland. There are signs on it which ask those feeling suicidal to please call a hotline. The woman had climbed over a safety fence and was standing on what appeared to be a ledge made of pipes. She was high, so high that  she appeared as just a black silhouette. But I caught a glimpse of her hair as she moved her head.  At one point it seemed she sat on the rails swinging her feet below her. And below her … concrete, cement, road, railroad tracks. I wanted to move on, but I desperately needed to see her saved. I prayed and willed her to be lifted back over to safety.

I had called my husband earlier to tell him not to pick me up from my studio as I had seen that the road was blocked. A called him again, saying, “It’s a jumper..theres someone on the bridge.” He told me to leave, not to watch.  I wasn’t watching so much, rather I was pleading with God, asking that this woman could live just one more day.

Chris walked down from our place and found me. He pulled me away. For years he had been a crime reporter. He covered many horrible stories and was afraid that one day he’d see the body of someone who had lost his/her life. He wasn’t going to see someone die today; we couldn’t change what would happen. I could pray away from this bridge.

We walked home and I looked back until I couldn’t any more. Then I found a spot on the ground and cried. I was so incredibly sad. I felt helpless and hopeless.

We got home and for the next several hours I refreshed the news pages on my computer waiting for an update.

I just learned that after four hours, the crisis negotiators were able to get the woman to climb back over. She is in the hospital now, getting the help she needs.

Across town, there is a man on the Vista Bridge positioned to jump. He has been there since 10 this morning. It is nearly 11 at night now and he is still there.

It is been the worst day for so many people. May those who are suffering find peace.

sowing and reaping






I visited my garden after a few days absence and found it flourishing. The potato plants are a bit out of control; I had to pull some just so as not to intrude on my neighbors plot. My snow peas(first image) have lovely purple blossoms and at last my squashes are showing some growth. I think I’m also going to have to buy another cage for the tomatoes for added support…and my lettuce is near perfect…save for the slugs, ugh.

Feeling grateful for my little growing space.

summer is really here





I went to my community garden several times this week to water. I took Luka once as well, she was watered too…she LOVES  to play in the hose. I wish I could set her free to run about and play in the water, but this is a community garden so she get’s only a little bit of leashed water fun.

This is first real summer we’ve had in Portland in a very long time. We’ve got clear skies and warm days; today I rode y bike and felt like a kid again. The last several summers have been so cloudy and cold, my garden tomatoes wouldn’t even turn red. We Portlanders deserve a true summer and we may just be getting one…but in true Portland fashion people here will complain that it’s too hot and they miss their rain.  I can wait until October for the rain to start again…give me summer!


lower macleay park



A lovely winter stroll with Luka this afternoon. We’re lucky to have such beautiful land to spend time in that is so close to home!

clouds descend on the city


spring at last


A lot of rain in Portland

means the river runs high


10 Reasons Why Selling Your Home Sucks

1. No one looking at your house really appreciates that you’ve cleaned for them.
2. There are people who will actually look at your house who really don’t want to buy your or anyone’s house; they’re just nosey. ( I used to be one of those people…never again will I go to an open house without the sincere intention of looking to buy)
3. Hanging out in the car with the dog for an hour as you watch people look through your house sucks..a lot.
4. People will offer you ridiculously low prices for your home.
5. You will actually come to consider them.
6. You will never enjoy all the repairs you were forced to make.
7. House hunters feel compelled to tell you just why that don’t like your house, over and over again.
8. 98% of these complaints (like the neighborhood) are out of your control.
9. Realtors have the key to your house and can (and do!) surprise you unexpectedly.
10. You rediscover all the things you loved about your house in the first place.

December in Portland

I finished school. Really finished it…as in got a degree finished. I can only say I am relieved.  As much I know that going to college is a privilege, as much as art school is really a luxury, I am relieved.  School stresses me out.  I wish it had been different, that I could have enjoyed it more, but that’s not how it was.

Maybe it was the constant justifying of my going to art school (“yes, art school…what do I intend to do my degree?  Why be an artist of course..”); maybe it was that I am freak around getting a good a grade and not disappointing anyone; maybe it was putting the house on the market and getting married while attending my final quarter of school. I am glad I finished…that’s all I can say.

So it’s the middle of December in Portland now. It’s cold, although not rainy; and I’m not feeling all that Christmasy. I am not feeling all that much of anything but tired and stressed.  I went to mass on Sunday; the sermon made me nostalgic for the passionate and energetic self I have misplaced.  Maybe I’m just getting old.

Chris is off this week, well most of this week.  We didn’t have a honeymoon after the wedding; he went back to work and I went back to school.  Maybe we can honeymoon now.  I think we need a little rest.  And some fun.  I want to laugh; I want to see new things; I want to read and knit and paint…paint just to paint….I want Chris to relax…I want him to write and listen to music and eat well.  I want to see sunshine and take my dog for a walk.I’d really like to see my children, but will have to settle for phone calls and texts.  RJ told me yesterday, “I’m a grown up mom, I live on my own now.” I guess we’re all grown up now.

My City…a few images on a rare blue sky day

Luka in the Pearl


Freemont Bridge