Deidre Noreen Blair
butterfly painting deidre noreen blair

The 3 Sisters

The 3 Sisters You are the 3rd sister of this, my, gallery. I am one..the art is another, and you, my community, you are the

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A Year in Review

I used to keep an end of the year list of things I had accomplished, experienced, made, done… you get the idea. I stopped doing

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My Octopus Teacher

I watch the movie the other night on Netflix and fell in love with the beautiful octopus on screen. When we can travel again, I

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A wellspring of landscapes

The Land is burning is Oregon, Washington, and California. I am worried about my friends..several have evacuated. The skies are red and smoke filled; Portland

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After the Rain Falls

Covid is getting to me. Admittedly, I haven’t been as effected by the pandemic as others.. I don’t have school aged kids, I was able

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All my Relations

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Did I fail to mention this? We, the United States are also facing increased civil unrest. That

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