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A Few of Our Wedding Photos

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Photography by Red Door Studio


These are just a few of my favorite photos from our lovely day…okay maybe more than a few..


our first dance

Chris and I were married October 8th…just six days ago.  The wedding was lovely.  Very sweet, very special.  The reception was a blur.  I wouldn’t change a thing….I love my husband.

Time is money

After maybe 30 minutes of attempting to design and print my own wedding invitations, Chris convinced me to head to Anders Printing to look at what they had to offer.

Once again, I have learned the lesson that paying for the talents of others is worth it, every time. Yes, I could have made my own invitations, but at what cost. The paper, the envelopes, the ink, the decisions I’d have to make…the mistakes I’d make making those decisions. And more importantly, the time. My time, Chris’s time. We have so precious little time as it is. Together in general, and specifically in terms of our wedding.

Pay the good people with the talent and tools. Lesson learned.