Tax Day and the West Coast Swing

Mailed off my check to the government yesterday.  Don’t spend it in one place Uncle Sam…

Last night after school, yoga teacher training, and Modern Family…I headed out to Lenora’s for some west coast swing.  My inaugural night into the WCS scene.  I have had two lessons so far of my four week beginner series.  The first week was hard..this dance requires one to, dare I day it, …..DANCE!

Okay, I know I’ve been dancing tango for almost five ears now; but tango is a very lead/follow dance.  Yes it’s improvisational…but’s lead dependent.  The west coast swing…completely different language.  With the lead an arm’s length away, there is a lot of wiggle room..pun intended.  What I do with myself is really up to me!  In the close embrace of Argentine Tango I am physically restrained (in a very pleasant way) from moving too far.  In the WCS…I am free.  Very cool and very terrifying.

Last night I was lucky…my very first two dances were with two guys who were fabulous..really good and experienced dancers.  I did warn them of my very low skill level.  A great dancer can really teach a beginner a thing or two or a thousand. I also was very fortunate and danced with Heath, a fellow student in my class…he’s actually not a beginner, but is learning how to follow this time around.  He was patient and fun; and he even taught me a few new moves. How cool is that?

The Argentine Tango world could learn a few things from this crowd.  The generosity of an advanced dancer to dance with a beginner says a lot about a community.  I found a lot of generosity last night.  So thank you all you gracious and beautiful dancers who shared the floor with me…

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